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Handling multiple databases in WordPress

There are situations comes when you want to handle multiple databases but in wordpress environment. The wordpress database configuration is configured in wp-config.php file, which holds defined variables like DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, DB_HOST. Where we have to define wordpress database… Continue Reading →

Navayan CSV Export – Easiest way to export all WordPress table data to CSV format

‘Navayan CSV Export’ is a wordpress plugin which export all the data in CSV format. It has an option to export specific wordpress database table. By clicking ‘Export’ button you will get a prompt message to either save or open the generated CSV file.

IFRAME Transparency in IE and other browsers

IFRME was introduced in Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 5.5. Since then it has been used in many websites. Iframe used to fetch data/information from following sources: Contents of another file Contents of another page within same website Contents of… Continue Reading →

Customizing wp_list_pages() WordPress Menu

The WordPress wp_list_pages() menus are really easy to customize. Sometime developer want to add another link or to redirect a link to another page or URL from one of the pages. For example I have a website http://www.navayan.com and having… Continue Reading →

Displaying WordPress Post Author, Photo, links and information

Sometimes we need to show the information of the author of WordPress blog post. Like author name, author photo, author’s favorite links, author’s list of posts, author’s brief information etc. Install ‘Profile-Pic‘ to upload, store photo in system, and show… Continue Reading →

Bypassing or Removing ‘/category/’ from WordPress URL

Single plugin fix 1. Install ‘WP No Category Base‘ WordPress plugin. You will not require to configure any settings. Dual plugin fix 1. Install and activate ‘Redirection‘ wordpress plugin 2. Install and activate ‘Decategorizer‘ wordpress plugin 3. Go to Tools… Continue Reading →

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